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RELEASED:  2000 (United Kingdom)


PRODUCER:  Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick



01. Make Me Smile

02. Tanya's Song

03. Budapest

04. Another Time, Another Space

05. Where the Wind Blows

06. So What Can I Do?

07. Blue Orchid

08. Somewhere, Nowhere

09. What It Is

10. Full Circle

11. Mellowed

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Fantastic Recording*****

by JT on April 29, 2002

This is a very good recording. It falls somewhere in the realm of jazz - I think of older Spyro Gyra (i.e. Catching the Sun) when I hear it but the tunes and arrangements are unique and very groove oriented. I am always looking for new "quality" instrumental music and this fits that ticket in my opinion. Though not as "out there" as some of the Yellowjacket recordings and definitely not as stylistic as a Miles Davis recording, such as "Kind of Blue" or "Miles Smiles", or Wayne Shorters "Speak No Evil" for that matter, I find myself listening to this disk over and over. I like the sound of the rhythm section - 16th note hi-hat shuffle beat that the drummer does in combination with that classic keyboard/Fender Rhodes type sound and solid modern bass time keeping. Every song is a fantastic jam - with a horn section to boot. I only wish more music like this was recorded.


Wonderful! *****

by Fordiebianco on May 26, 2002

A wonderful album from JP Maunick's Incognito outfit (just under a different name) is the usual exciting mix of jazz, funk and latino - just this time pure instrumental, giving the musicians even more time to shine. Excellent to relax to and highly recommended.


If you like Incognito you will Love Citrus Sun *****

by Gordon Flannigan on March 7, 2014

This Cd is one of the best releases I have heard in years! Every track is rock solid and this is as smooth and funky as it gets! Citrus Sun is an instrumental outfit and it features several members from Incognito and the sound is very similar! Especially the horn arrangements and Guitar! Ex Incognito Bassist Julian Crampton handles the Bass on this release and Jean paul Bluey of Incognito wrote or co-wrote 6 of the albums 11 tracks! If Incognito was an instrumental band, this is what they'd sound like! 5 stars all the way!


Great Music *****

by Angelika Carroll on July 29, 2013

Smooth, jazzy; great at-work, driving or relaxing music made by very talented musicians. Never get tired of listening to it.


TIGHT!!! *****

by KREJROLL on August 6, 2014

I was like dauuuum. It's really nice, smooth from start to finish. Can't wait to hear what else these guys have to offer!

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